Serving cross-culturally involves a lot of decisions. Where will you go? What will you do? Do you go through an agency, or by yourself?

With 6 short modules, we'll guide you through the basics of the process- everything from what to look for in an agency to questions to ask yourself when determining where to serve!

Each lesson is succinct & fresh- just giving you what you need to get started. At the end of each section you'll have a reflection assignment to break down what you've learned into an actionable next step.

By the time you've worked through the course, you'll have the starting tools you need to make your first decisions when it comes to missions! You'll also have access to free printable resource guides, self-assessments & missions workbooks to ensure you get the most out of this time as possible! 

What You'll Learn

Level up your understanding of how to start getting involved in missions through succinct videos & reflections at the end of each section!

  • Intro to Biblical Basis of Missions

  • What are Missions Agencies & Are They For Me?

  • How To Determine How Long & Where to Serve

  • How to Use Your Profession/Skills & Prepare

Wherever you’re at in your missions journey, take heart! 

For every question and fear you experience, others have wrestled with the same things. Global missions is not usually glamorous or convenient, but if God is calling you, it’s an adventure you’ll want to take. 

A risk worth spending your life on.